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IQA (Industrias Químicas Asociadas) is the only Spanish producer of Ethylene Oxide, with an installed capacity of 140,000 tons a year.

50% of this production is intended for Glycol manufacture, one of the raw materials used in producing the PET polymers.
Main applications of the products made
in IQA:

Products Applicacions
Ethylene Oxide Glycols, Ethoxylates (Detergents)
Monoethylenglycol Polyester Fibre/ PET / Polyester Resins/ Anti-freezes / Explosives
Diethylenglycol Resins / Plasticizers
PEGs (Polyethyelenglycols) Silk Screen Liquids / Ceramic Additives / Pharmacy / Cosmetics
Polyols Polyuethane Foams

Only Spanish producer of Ethylene Oxide

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