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What is LSB?
Seda de Barcelona (LSB) is an industrial plastic packaging group operating internationally through its 14 facilities across Europe, Turkey and North Africa.

It is the only European producer capable of supplying PET containers in a fully integrated way from raw material feedstock, conversion technology and design, injection and blow moulding up to the delivered finished product, by means of guaranteeing the quality of all its production processes.

Commitment to innovation, added value services, quality, governance and sustainability in all our processes and products will turn us into the benchmark for the plastic packaging industry, by actively contributing to the value generating process to our stakeholders.  

Social responsibility is at the core of our corporate culture and strategy. Our contribution to sustainability is reflected in three major lines of action:

Innovative packaging solutions in recycled PET.

Reduce the environmental impact of our activity by reducing carbon footprint, energy consumption and targeting zero to landfill waste management.

Create economic and social value for our stakeholders and provision of safe working environments for our employees.

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